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Preserve your recorded memories by having them converted to DVD or other Digital Media.

It is surprising how many people still have VHS or Camcorder tapes,but can’t watch them because they no longer have the equipment.

We are based in Liverpool and convert most formats for customers throughout the UK.

While DVD is the popular target choice,bear in mind that most TV’s manufactured within the past few years can play various types of video files straight from a USB stick

.We can covert your video and put it on to USB - No need for DVD and you can also play it on a computer.


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   Tape to DVD

 (All tape formats)

 Local- Drop  in only

Per Tape

       2Hr Max*


Per Tape

     2 Hr Max*


Per Tape

      2 Hr Max*


 Per Tape

     2 Hr max


 Direct Copy  of    Tape to DVD

   Tape to MP4

(All Tape Formats)

 Local- Drop in  only    

 Per Tape


Per Tape



Per Tape


 Per Tape


 Direct Copy of    Tape to MP4  Supplied on USB

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