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Protect Your TV Before It's Too Late!

Most owners of Plasma and LCD TV’s are completely unaware of how fragile and vulnerable Plasma and LCD televisions are. The impact from a child throwing a toy or a remote control can result in a TV becoming worthless. Designed by a mother of seven children, The Screen Protector is a simple to attach, optical grade acrylic protector that protects a plasma or LCD screen from accidental impact without affecting the High Definition Picture Quality.

Originally designed to protect a Plasma or LCD TV from the impact of a Nintendo Wii remote being thrown at it, The Screen Protector is easily able to withstand impact from small toys, and children drawing on it with crayons protecting your TV so you don’t have to worry.

As the largest supplier of TV Screen Protectors in North America and Europe we are able to bring you the most comprehensively designed and tested range of TV Screen Protectors on the market today at very competitive prices.

We have teamed up with The Screen Protector to give you a 10% discount on the web price.Enter the code AW-TEN at the checkout.

We get many calls a week from distressed customers.Sadly,there is nothing we can do.

If your screen gets broken,it can't be fixed ! Only answer is to replace the TV - at a greater cost than a screen protector.

The Screen Protector

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Cracked Panasonic TV Screen

This 42” Panasonic smart TV was hit with the TV’s remote control in the area circled in red.

£800 Down the drain in an instant!

Drinks and other liquids can also cause damage. Recently had a 50” 3D smart TV  that had drink splashed down  the screen,corroding the connecting foil to the LCD matrix.

A £1000 write off.

A screen Protector would have prevented this from happening.

Remember to measure just the screen area diagonally from corner to corner,and not the overall size of the TV.

The TV’s model number will contain the screen size in inches, eg TX-L50B6=50”,32BV701=32” etc, but measure it anyway.

The stated screen size of all TV’s is measured diagonally from corner to corner.

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